UK & International Shipping

P&P by Trevanion & Dean

If you are unable to collect your winning lots Trevanion & Dean offer an in-house P&P service using DHL or Royal Mail for small, non -breakable items, please be aware this service is not covered by insurance so you would need to provide your own. Trevanion & Dean will not be liable for making any claim.

Our packing will take place from Monday – Wednesday post sale, so it is essential that you settle your account promptly if you intend to use our service. Items are sent out a minimum of a week after the sale, and cannot be sent for a specific date, or sent by a specific method.  We reserve the right not to post items abroad if we deem unfit.

We are not professional packers or shippers, though will try our utmost to pack items in a correct way which will ensure items arrive safely, however Trevanion & Dean Auctioneers & Valuers will not be held responsible for making any claim.

There are some items that due to their nature, size or weight we cannot post out. If the item you have purchased is breakable, we recommend you contact one of the Mailboxes branches (details down the page). Please see the bottom of this page for details of couriers we use for larger items or international delivery.

Our prices are as follows:

Postage charges: DHL (please see insurance information below)

Small Box (up to 10kg) – 31cm x 24cm x 24cm
£14.10 + Packing (no insurance)

Medium Box (up to 15kg) – 42cm x 42cm x 42cm
£20.00 + Packing (no insurance)

Large Box (up to 15kg) – 62cm x 47cm x 45cm
£34.00 + Packing (no insurance)

Larger Box
POA   (no insurance)

All box sizes are approximate and subject to change

Postage charges: UK Special Delivery (Jiffy Bag)

Prices usually range between £6.50 (+ Packing) and £15.00 (+ Packing)

If you wish to use this service please speak to us when you pay your invoice.

T&D Packing charge (does not include postal charge)

Jiffy bag    £5.00 + VAT (+ Postal charge)

Small Box
31cm x 24cm x 24cm    £10.00 + VAT (+ Postal charge)

Medium Box
42cm x 42cm x 42cm    £10.00 + VAT (+ Postal charge)

Large Box
62cm x 47cm x 45cm    £10.00 + VAT (+ Postal charge)

Custom: POA

All box sizes are approximate and subject to change

Mail Boxes Etc. 

To use the fully insured Mail Boxes Etc. delivery service around the UK and the rest of the world please contact Palaini at the Altrincham branch or Paul at the Warrington branch. If you have bought from us MBE will collect from us from the Friday following the auction. Please contact MBE directly to request a shipping quote and if you intend to use this service please settle your account as promptly as possible.

Warrington MBE:

Tel: 01925 659 133

Altrincham MBE:

Tel: 0161 233 0500

For larger items, here is a list of recommended carriers who travel weekly around the UK (some may travel to Europe):

From start to finish Ltd, Roy J Brown (nationwide distribution)
T: 07872 168 211     E:

Denmans of Whitchurch, Julian Denman
T: 01948 662 952     E:

Van4us, (nationwide distribution)
T: 0845 224 0225    M:07792 204448    E:

Aardvark Couriers
T: 01743 242 800     E:

Exquisite Carriage, Timothy Magiera
T: 07936 575 988     E:

Martin Bros Removals Ltd (World wide distribution)
T: 01985 844 144     E:

AW Transport, Adam Walder
T: 07983 221 145     E:

BJW Logistics, Barry Whitcher (travels to Europe)
T: 07854 116 861     E:

Alban Shipping, Adam
T: 01582 493 099     E:

Amanda Webb
T: 07713 821 225

Gary Baxter
T: 07941 970 507     E:

Items sent overseas

We look at items on an individual basis. Depending on value, the item and the country the item is being sent to.  Please note we will not send glass or ceramics items overseas. If we are able to post items abroad; ALL CLIENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO EMAIL US A DISCLAIMER, ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY FOR BREAKAGE OR LOSS OF THESE PARCELS, TREVANION & DEAN WILL NOT PAY OUT FOR ANY CLAIM AGAINST PARCELS SENT ABROAD.

We recommend overseas clients, use specialist couriers Mailboxes or Lumisi to send their items:

Lumisi Logistics – Richard Tallis
T: +44 (0) 1244 30 40 30     E:

Mail Boxes Etc:

Warrington branch – Paul

T: +44(0) 1925 659 133      E:

Altrincham branch – Palani

T: +44 (0) 161 233 0500     E:

EXPORT OF GOODS: Several countries prohibit the importation of property containing materials from endangered species, such as rhino horn, ivory, coral and tortoiseshell.  If you are interested in bidding on a lot containing these materials and you wish to export them, please make sure you are familiar with any relevant export or import licence.

Please note Trevanion & Dean does not ship items containing ivory outside of the EU.


We remind clients using the Royal Mail postage system within the UK there are certain items WHICH CANNOT BE INSURED. If your item cannot be insured with our postage, you are welcome to arrange your own courier to collect, or use one of our recommended couriers.  If you want us to send the item without insurance, you must email or write confirmation that you have understood and take full responsibility for any damage to your item; until we have received this confirmation the item will not be sent.  If you need to have your item insured we ask that you contact a specialist courier who can collect and pack the item themselves. (Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturdays by appointment).  If you are sending a courier to collect an item and would like Trevanion & Dean to pack the item for you, please contact our office and we shall take a payment for packaging only.

Note regarding framed pictures: if a picture is glazed, Trevanion & Dean prefer NOT post the item as a whole due to potential breakage, however, with written instruction a member of our staff may be able to remove the glass before in-house packing.  Alternatively, you can contact one of our recommended carriers above, who handle the transport of fine art.

Items which CANNOT be sent by Trevanion & Dean (please use your own specialist courier to collect):

  • WEAPONS (guns, knives, swords etc) Even though some other auction houses do agree to post these, Trevanion & Dean do not post any weapons in house, UK or abroad. We will pack these items only.
  • ALCOHOL higher than 70%
  • PERFUMES classed as flammable

Trevanion & Dean Auctioneers & Valuers reserve the right to not post an item if it falls in between any of the guidelines, and they deem it unfit to be posted.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.