Our standard seller’s commission charges are outlined below:

Hammer PriceCommissionOnline MarketingTotal Total (including VAT)
£1 – £9917.5%2.5%20% 24%
£100 – £99915%2.5%17.5% 21%
£1,000 – £9,99910%2.5%12.5% 15%
£10,000 – £49,9995%2.5%7.5% 9%
£50,000 and above2.5%2.5%5% 6%
Minimum Commission – The minimum vendors commission is £10 + VAT

Unsold Fees 

Other auctioneers may charge you unsold fees for items that do not sell.  At Trevanion & Dean, if your lot is not sold, there is no charge.


We need to have your property on our premises in advance of the auction to catalogue, photograph and promote them properly – usually at least two weeks prior to the auction.  We are happy to recommend/arrange transport for your items with our local and experienced carriers, who will provide a quote for your items prior to your consignment, to ensure that you are fully aware of any costs involved.